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AI Face Recognition and Body Temperature Measurement Access Control is a complete epidemic prevention solution that integrates AI face recognition, body temperature measurement, mask recognition, access control and attendance capabilities. The site undertakes efficient temperature detection, identification and traffic management, effectively reducing the pressure on epidemic prevention and control, and also human resource costs.

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Present Situation

During the epidemic, entrances and exits in public places use manual close-inquiries, manual body temperature measurement, manual registration, and personal mobile phone declarations as methods to prevent and control the epidemic. This management method requires a large number of staffs, plus, staffs' self-protection standards are not uniform, which is easy to cause cross-infection. In addition, the information of the tested personnel is not comprehensive, and in the event of a new epidemic, there is no good traceability mechanism.

Body Temp. Measurement

Multi-point, multiple temperature collection, correction algorithm and other   technologies are used to measure the body temperature in real time. For the case of exceeding the set threshold, in addition to the screen   display text, warning voice and other prompts, it can also push alarms to the user's mobile APP.

Mobile APP Push

Application Scenarios

SS-PT-808 AI Face Recognition and Body Temperature measurement Access Control comprehensive solution can be used  in  residential  communities,  enterprises  and  institutions, shopping  malls,  supermarkets,  service  industry  places,  public transportation  entrances  and  other  scenarios,  and  rely  on  our powerful  R  &  D  and  technical  support  team  to  provide  you  with suitable  solution.

Product Features

  • Hisilicon 3516C V500 Processor, H.265/H.264 encoding, 1/2.8” SONY IMX327/2.0MP FHD image sensor. Supports P6S private protocol + ONVIF 2.6 protocol (downward compatible with ONVIF 2.4). Supports web interface, multiple parameters can be configured directly.
  • Supports intelligent body temperature monitoring, real-time display of synchronized temperature data over video; non-contact measurement of body temperature (0.3M--1.2M).
  • Supports AI Face Recognition and Comparison (0.3M-1.5M) based on Face++ AI algorithm, uses the recognition result to control the door opening action or prompt the voice alarm; support Wiggins protocol.
  • Supports mask recognition, use Face++ AI algorithm  to  accurately identify whether wearing a mask, and prompt voice announcements synchronously. The recognition accuracy rate reaches 98%.
  • Supports configure network by RJ45 + WIFI hotspot; supports external RS485, USB, alarm I/O output, etc.
  • Supports stand-alone system for face recognition, mask recognition, intelligent temperature monitoring display and voice prompts.
  • Portrait database capacity is 10,000 faces.
  • Abnormal body temperature triggers display alarm/voice alarm/mobile APP alarm.
  • Anti-thunder, anti-surge protection, waterproofing grade IP66.

Main Functions

Set the body temperature threshold, through the associated access control, do not open the door and push the alarm when someone is exceeding the threshold.
By comparison with the face photo database, recognize visitors who are in the whitelist, blacklist or a stranger; both can do face recognition, and also check for wear masks
For abnormal body temperature, no mask, stranger or blacklisted person, push alarm to mobile APP
The device  itself has  a voice  broadcast capability,  and issues  a voice reminder according to a preset result
Combined with face recognition function, it can be used to check in and out of work attendance for employees of enterprises and in- stitutions
Can  connect  external  voice  broadcast  equipment, display  equipment  and  alarm  equipment
The information obtained locally can be uploaded to the cloud, and the cloud forms reference data through data input and data analy- sis to provide references for queries and work plans

Product Datasheet